Welcome! This blog is a collection of stories, photos and recipes of my two years serving with the Peace Corps in Thailand. I will be teaching English in the Teacher Collaborator and Community Service Program from 2014-2016.

 You never know where life will take you. I grew up in a small town in Maine until I left for college and moved to Florida to pursue a degree in Piano Performance at Florida State University. After a few years I decided to do a second degree in International Affairs, study abroad, and began to volunteer regularly. I suppose it was through each of these different experiences that led me to work for the Peace Corps. A few years ago I would never have expected to be living in Thailand, but its these unexpected places that life takes you which are often the most beautiful. I’m really excited for this opportunity and to see what unexpected adventures await. 

 Thanks for sharing this journey with me by reading about my experience! 



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Lydia!

    *Please excuse the random comment! I tried to find a way to message you directly, but was unsuccessful*

    Emily (my wife) and I are currently PCVs in Nicaragua in the TEFL Teaching Training sector, and have been keeping a blog during our last 15 months in country (www.maywesuggest.org). We first saw your blog during the PCV Blog it Home Contest, and have been keeping tabs on it since. Yay for technology giving us a platform to share about, reflect on, and connect with others about our PC service 🙂

    I’m writing because I’d love you to contribute something for our blog. I’ve been keeping a Dicho Doce series (Sayings on the Twelfth – maywesuggest.org/peace-corps/dicho-doce-page/), cataloguing and sharing some of my favorite Nicaraguan expressions. For the 12th of December I’d like to collect twelve different sayings from 12 different PC posts around the world. The format I’m thinking of is a having each person submit the phrase in the native language, provide a direct American English translation (if possible), and then a short summary of its meaning and the context in which to use it (~100 words). If you have a photo to go with it, that’s even better 🙂

    I know that may not be enough space to do the expression justice, so if you select a phrase you’ve already mentioned on your blog there I’d love to link directly to the full post. We’d love for our family and friends to get a sense of the larger PC community and PCV experience by checking out the featured blogs.

    What do you think? If you’re interested, would you be able to send me something by the end of this month?

    Muchas gracias!

  2. Hi Lydia. I have enjoyed checking out your blog- love the recipes and videos! My name is Michelle, and I was a part of the PC Blog It Home contest a couple years ago. I’d be honored to have a veteran PCV blogger like you take part in my Blogging Abroad project. I’m hosting a six-week Blog Challenge for the New Year at bloggingabroad.org. This will be “phase one” for an online project that helps bloggers “level up” their blogs to promote cross-cultural understanding (a.k.a. the Third Goal). I invite you to visit the site, watch the video (or read the transcript if loading videos is a challenge) and sign up to join us on an adventure in blogging!
    Take care,

    1. Hi Michelle! I just signed up for your Blogging Abroad project. (I’m a bit late, but just got around to checking it out. You know how time can get away from you in the PC.. What country did you serve in?) Looking forward to being apart of this project!

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