Fundraising for TYT

Its hard to believe it but I have just over a month left in my Peace Corps service! Things are winding down but I still have a couple of big projects planned before my time is up. In just a couple weeks will be one of my favorite secondary projects I've been able to work on during my two years in Thailand, Thai Youth Theater. This is a volunteer led project that allows students from all over the country to perform a play in English and learn about different aspects of theater over the course of a weekend.

Last year I was able to organize and bring a group of students from my school to the festival. (You can read about it here.) The festival had a very positive impact on the students who attended. They gained confidence using English, experience performing in front of an audience, and developed their creativity through sessions on theater. This year the scope of the festival is expanding to include sessions on gender and how it is represented in theater. Some of the activities that will take place in this year's “Performing Gender TYT Festival” are gender empowerment with skits, clowning and identifying emotions, stage flighting and anti-bullying, dancing, and singing.

Unfortunately I am unable to bring a group to the festival this year, but I am on the committee that has been planning and will run the project this year. We have been approved for a Peace Corps sponsored grant but are required to get a certain amount in crowd sourced donations before any money is distrubuted. Right now we just need about $300 more to reach our goal! If you are able to donate a bit to this great cause please click here, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and input the desired amount. Any amount will help and be much appreciated!!



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