Work hard. Play hard.

This weekend I, along with 5 other PC volunteers, headed down to Pattalung (about 7 hours South of where I live) to help a fellow volunteer do an English camp. This was the first camp I’ve helped lead put on by another volunteer, which is surprising, considering how popular camps are in Thailand. The theme was “Rockstar” and my session was about reading/writing a party invitation. It went well, considering many of the 5th and 6th graders who came, like most students in Thailand, couldn’t actually read English. Overall the camp was very successful and everyone had a lot of fun!


Helping the students make birthday party invitations


Energizer balloon game


A student coming up for a prize at the end of the day!


Being rockstars. Also, notice how the always present camp banner has a British flag on it..

After working hard we decided it was time to play hard. A group of us headed over to Trang, Thailand (the province directly west of Patthalung bordering the Andaman sea). I was excited to go for the first time since I’d heard about how beautiful, and less touristy, the islands are down there. We did a snorkeling and island hopping day tour. I was particularly looking forward to going to Emerald Cave. Inside there is a secret beach that can only be reached by going through a dark tunnel in the cave. (I was terrified of this at first, but it actually wasn’t as bad as it might sound. And once you get inside its definitely worth it!) On the way into the cave the water is a bright, beautiful green. Unfortunately there were a lot of people there when we went. I can only imagine how magical it must look if you could have the beach to yourself. The snorkeling around the area probably had the most diverse fish I’ve seen and also had some colorful coral. This was one of the most scenic places I’ve been in Thailand!


With Jessica, Lauren, and Laura - some of my favorite PCVS.


Limestone rocks over the andaman sea


Underwater corals


On our way into the Morakot Cave. Its English name is the Emerald Cave because of the vibrant green water inside.


The opening to the beach inside the cave.


The hidden beach inside the cave


The view looking up from the beach inside the cave


Heading back out


Leaving the cave and headed back to the boat


Beautiful Kradan Island. The water was so clear here. Every year there are a couple days where diving enthusiasts go to a spot underwater off this island to get married.


Such clear water!


Diving stop #2. Rainbow fish!


This blue fish came right up to my camera.


So many fish!


Underwater fun!


At the pier on the way home. You can see the mangrove trees growing in the water.


Trang town is also fun to explore. This is at Yue Chiang's Kopi shop in Trang city. This place is over 100 years old.


Kopi: a locally grown, wood-fired Robusta coffee popular in Trang. It has a smooth, nutty flavor. This one has sweetened condensed milk on the bottom.

























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