Fried Spring Rolls

Contrary to what I thought before living in Thailand, eggrolls are not a staple food in Thai cuisine. They are not usually eaten with a meal, and are rather a snack found at markets and fairs. Some of the best egg rolls I've had here are in vegetarian markets during the big vegetarian festival that takes place in October. This is a recipe I learned in a cooking class I took at “Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy.”


For spring rolls
1/4 c glass noodles / วุ้นเส้น
1 clove garlic / กระเทียม
1/4 c bean sprouts / ถั่วงอก
1/4 c minced chicken / ไก่
1/4 c shredded cabbage / กะหล่ำปลี
1/4 c shredded carrots / แครอท
spring roll wraps / เปาะเปี๊ยะ
vegetable oil / น้ำมันพืช
1 tbls. oyster sauce / ซอสหอยนางรม
2 tsp. soy sauce / ซีอิ๊ว
1/2 tsp. sugar / น้ำตาล
pinch pepper / พริกไทย

1. In a wok fry garlic in vegetable oil until fragrant.
2. Add chicken and fry until cooked fully.
3. Add vegetables and cook shortly before adding glass noodles, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and pepper.
4. Spread the spring roll sheets onto a flat surface (rough side facing up).
5. Place a small amount of filling in each wrapper. Fold in half, fold in the sides, and roll.
6. Brush the edges with a small amount of water to help it stay together.
7. Deep fry the eggrolls in a wok until golden brown.
Best served with a sweet, chili sauce.

The shells and vegetable and noodle mix.


Assembling the rolls


Frying the spring rolls at a cooking class at the Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy.


Final product!



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