A Very Merry Christmas Thai Style

Happy very be-lated Christmas! Below is a collection of photos from the Christmas activity I did this year at my school. Since Thailand is a Buddhist country they do not celebrate Christmas. All 6 of my classes learned a different Christmas carol to perform for the school following a lesson about different Christmas traditions. The morning also included a surprise visit from Santa, lots of costumes, and candy throws!


Grade 6 dressed up as Christmas trees! Here are a couple students making their outfits.


Rowdy boys making snowflakes..



Nong Oak's Santa Claus


All 400 students ready to celebrate!


Grade 4 cuties


Grade 5 and their magical stars


With fellow peace corps volunteer, Laura. We only live about 30 km away from one another but this is the first project we've done together!


Angel headband


P Bum and her kindergarten students


Laura and I with my three English teacher counterparts, P Aom, P Dtum, and P Phat


Cutest Christmas trees ever!



Me Yai, one of the teachers at the school



Grade 4 after they performed The 12 days of Christmas.


Grade 5 singing Jingle Bells.


Grade 6 singing Rockin' around the Christmas Tree.

Grade 7 singing Santa Claus is comin' to town.


Grade 9 dancing to Jingle Bells.


Candy throw


Trying to get that candy..


Surprise visit from Santa Claus. This is Big, one of the 9th graders.


With some of the teachers at my school. There are about 20 teachers at my school, and only 3 are men.




4 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas Thai Style

  1. Beautiful Lydia. What a wonderful experience you are having! I’m sure you and Lizzy Jones are in touch…you two are seeing the world!! Wonderful

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