Red Curry Paste

Most people buy their curry paste at the local da-lat-nat (market) now of days. It is still fun to make though- and gives you a good workout at the same time! When you are mashing the paste up with the pestal and mortar its quite loud. In the past people would say that to hear the clanging from the stone pestal and mortar was the sign of a good house wife.

Ingredients ส่วนผสม:

2 pieces of lemongrass ตะไคร้
Galanga (equal amount as lemongrass) ข่า
1 tbsp. peppercorn พริกไทยดำ
1 handful garlic กระเทียม
1 1/2 tbsp. salt เกลือ
25-30 dried chili peppers พริกแห้ง
1/2 inch cube of tumeric ขมิ้น
1 tbsp. shrimp paste กะปิ


1. Cut up the lemongrass and galanga into small pieces. Take the tops off the chili pepers and rinse.
2. Using a pestal and mortar mash up the lemongrass, galanga, peppercorn, garlic, salt, chili pepperand tumeric for about 10-15 minutes, until soft and blended.
3. Add the shrimp paste and continue to pound until well blended. (Total time mashing is about 20 minutes, if you are doing it hard enough!)
4. Use immedietly or store in the freezer for up to a month.





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