Lemon garlic shrimp paste dip

Nam Prik Gabi นำ้พริกกะปิ or “lemon garlic shrimp paste dipping sauce”

This is one of the most popular dips in Thailand and accompanies most meals. There are so many types of “Nam Prik” I can barely keep track of them all. This is the one that I eat most at home. My person favorite is “Nam Prik Ma-muang” or mango nam prik. Instead of using lime juice add fresh, ripe mango. It is usually eaten with vegetables like eggplant, green beans, and cucumbers, or can be eaten like everything else- with rice!

a handful of chili peppers พริก
about 10 garlic petals กระเทียม
1-2 spoons of shrimp paste กะปิ
juice from 2-3 limes นำ้มะนาว
salt เกลือ

*There is really no set amount of ingredients for this recipe. Just play around with the balance of ingredients to fit your own taste!

Using a pestal and morter crush up the chili peppers and garlic.
Add the shrimp paste and mix everything together.
Add the lime juice and salt to your tasting.



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