Ant attack

Living in Thailand you get used to living in close quarters with a lot of different insects and reptiles. I've learned to ignore the loud squawks from the geckos that are crawling along my walls at night, didn't look twice at the mysterious creature, that could be a large butterfly (or possible a small bat), that flew through my room the other night, and am hardly surprised when I try to put a shoe on and find a toad inside. If presented with a plate of crickets I will probably eat them (and even enjoy a few), and when ants are crawling around in my food I'll either flick them off my plate, or just look away and continue eating. I thought I was doing pretty well, until the other night…

It was about 5 in the morning as I half consciously tried to ignore the itching sensation that was quickly spreading over my body, trying to convince myself it was just a dream. Finally I faced the realization that I wasn't dreaming and flashed a light on my pillow. To my horror I found a Dali-esque landscape of ants covering the pillow, frantically scurrying around trying to find their next bite. My foot suddenly tingled and I looked down to realize my toe was swollen and an even larger army of ants were at my feet. I could feel them crawling up my leg, under my clothes, and scurrying around in my hair. Half asleep I tried to kill as many as I could, sprayed mosquito spray all over (I don't know if that did any good…), and turned the fan on high blast in an attempt blow them off me. Needless to say, I didn't have a very restful night.

Ants are always a problem in Thailand because of the hot, wet climate. Now that it is rain season there are even more. If any food is left out for even a few minutes you can expect a group of ants to find it. Traditionally Thai's don't refrigerate their food after its cooked, even meats and fish. Usually it is kept out on a large tray that they cover with a food dome to keep the bugs out. My family takes extra precautions and fills the tray with water so ants drown if they try to get to the food. They seem to have a pretty good system.. Right now its especially important because my family is re-doing their house. In the mean time we are living in a small, one bedroom house behind the actual house. For a while there have been seven of us, with a cat and occasionally a rooster or two, all in one tiny house, with no kitchen and one small bathroom. The cement walls are quite old and covered in cracks, perfect for ants to sneak in. After my traumatic night with the ants I looked by my bed and sure enough there was a large crack with ants crawling out of it. Luckily my Mae took care of it and thoroughly sprayed the area. The last couple nights have been ant free. Well, until I get up to go to the bathroom. There is another army of ants that seem to guard the bathroom every night..

The scene of the ant attack



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