Officially a volunteer!

I am now officially a Peace Corps Volunteer and no longer a “trainee”! Wednesday we had the ceremony at the hotel where we stayed the very first week that we arrived in Thailand. It was a special ceremony this year because not only was our group (126) swearing in, but group 124 was having their closing of service ceremony after having completed their 2 years of service already. It was neat to hear their stories and what they've learned over the past 2 years. It was a bit overwhelming though-so many emotions in one place. All excited (either to go home or to move to our new site) but nervous for what the future has to hold.

On Monday before swearing in we met our co-teachers and supervisors for the first time from the site we will be working at for the next 2 years. I was excited to find out both my co-teacher are close to my age, only 28 and 29. I will be teaching grades 4-9 with them.
Beside me is one of my co-teachers and next to here is one of my supervisors
We had 2 days of sessions about how to co-teach effectively and plan together for the next 2 years. On Wednesday, right after the ceremony, we went directly down to Chumpon. It was about a 6-7 hour drive, but was fun to see more of this beautiful country!
The very next day it was right to work! I attended a meeting in the morning and was able to meet the the teacher's at my school. The rest of the day I spent planning for a teacher training we are planning to have in the beginning of May.

On the weekend I looked around the area near the school. The Peace Corps requires all volunteers to live with a homestay family in our new site for our first 3 months of service. We are given 3 homes to look at and then have to chose one. It's going to be hard to chose-but hopefully next time I write I will have selected my new home! In between working and looking at my homestay options, I've been eating delicious Thai food (the south is known for their spicy food) and learning many new fruits. I never even knew so many fruits existed until I came to Thailand. I keep trying to remember the Thai names for all the fruits, but the problem is I don't even know the English name!!! They are delicious though!



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