Teacher training and bai tiao’s

Two weeks have now passed since I wrote my last post, which means I'm now on my last week of training. It doesn't seem possible! The work definitely is winding down. We had our final language assessment this past weekend, have a number of final progress reviews with our supervisors over the next three days, and the long awaited 'site announcement' is now only 2 days away!

The last big project that we had was to put on a teacher training. It was so much fun to work with teachers for a change-they seemed so interested in what we had to say. We set up 5 different rotations as a group, my session was on material development. During my session we showed the teachers how to make paper dice and demonstrated English activites to do with students using the dice. I learned some good ideas from the teachers in my session too!

After the training I thought I would have a chance to rest on Sunday. Luckily I got up early and did my laundry, because by 9 o'clock one of the other volunteers and his Pa came over asking if I wanted to go on a “bai tiao” (any kind of trip-even to the supermarket..) We ended up having a full day of adventures.

We started out by going to a large Wat that had paintings depicting the tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen, a famous Thai legend. The paintings were beautiful and lined with gold leaf.
After looking at the paintings we did the obliatory lighting of incense and candels. This is traditional to do whenever going to a Wat, and then usually Buddhists place a small piece of gold leaf on a Buddha statue.
After going to the Wat, we did something a little less expected and went to a water buffalo ranch.
AND I GOT TO RIDE MY FIRST WATER BUFFALO! I haven't rode an elephant yet, but this was pretty close 😉

After the long day of bai tiao-ing I came home and spent some time with my family. After a long day of site seeing it feels good to come home to my Thai family, and find such comfort from them after only 2 months. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye in just one more week!



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