1 day in Bangkok

Each week seems to be going by faster and faster now! I can't believe there are only 3 full weeks left of training. In some ways I'm ready to be done, simply because the schedule for training is so tiring, and also because I'm excited to see where my site for the next 2 years will be and the people I will be spending that time with. We will find out in 2 weeks where our assignment is! But as most things in life are, it will be bittersweet because I will have to say good bye to the host family I have right now. It doesn't seem like I've only been living with them for 6 weeks. I feel so close to them already, even with the very little communication that we have.


Last week was definitely a change of pace compared to the previous 2 weeks when we had practicum. We had one week to plan and put on a combined Life Skills and English Camp. My group did an activity to promote positive communication.

The students at the camp were 6th graders (much better behaved than my first grade practicum class!) The students here seem to have a lot of respect for their teachers. There is not as much emphasis on individual thinking and self directed learning as I am used to from the schools I went to in the states. We tried to get the students thinking more on their own, and had the help of 2 highschool girls to lead a discussion in Thai. It was really neat to see the girls take on the leadership role so well and come out of their shell a bit!

After the camp on Friday we got to have a little break and go to Bangkok for the day on Saturday. It was a nice change of pace from the rice fields we are surrounded by everyday! But it definitely made me appreciate being out in the country side, where the pacing is slower, and everyone around you has a smile on their face

While in Bangkok we got to see the beautiful Peace Corps Office. Their is a lot of history inside the building, and one wall dedicated to the history of the Peace Corps in Thailand. There have been volunteers here for over 50 years!

After we were done seeing the Peace Corps building the rest of the day we were free to look around Bangkok. I took a quick trip to Wat Pho, which is where the largest reclining Buddha statue in Thailand is. The statue was over 150 feet long and 50 feet. Absolutely incredible! The inside of the building was covered in frescoes of Buddha's life- kind of like the Sistene Chapel of the East.

Bangkok was fun, and I am looking forward to exploring more of it. But for now I am perfectly content living out amongst the rice fields!



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