Here is a photo with my adorable (and highly energetic) first grade class I had for the past 2 weeks!

For the Peace Corps Teaching program's training we partner with a school for 2 weeks to co-teach an English class. This was a very fun, exahausting, but educating. I've never taught in a classroom environment so this is all new to me. There were many challenges, like having to work with a co-teacher that barely spoke English (which meant communicating in Thai..), trying to lesson plan for a class you barely know, and trying to keep the little ones on task for an hour in only English!

Every class we start out with a phonics session. During training I was introduced to the zoo-phonics method, which the kids seem to love. Each letter has its own animal to correspond with it and a motion to go along. I think in the photo above we are doing the Octopus!
Being in a Thai school as a foreigner really makes you feel like a celebrity. After our two weeks at the school all the students lined up to have us sign our names on pieces of paper.
Many came armed with packets of stickers. The girls loved to cover us in them.
Even the teachers were extremely welcoming, and made sure to “ko-nom” us before we left. (Ko-nom is the thai word for sweets. We are constantly given ko-noms by everyone.)

The past two weeks have been a great learning experience. I realized how much fun teaching in a classroom can be, and also how much work it takes. (I definitely have a deeper appreciation for all the teachers that I had now!) I'm looking forward to spending the next 2 years in a Thai classroom!



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