My Peace Corps Family

“Your life is bigger than your best dream for it!” This is one of the many encouraging text messages I have woken up to from a fellow volunteer here, who we call Mr. Jim. He is 69 years old and is one of the many inspiring volunteers I am lucky enough to be working beside and learning from. There are 55 Thailand volunteers in the training program with me, ranging from recent college graduates to retirees in their 60s. I love hearing all of their stories. Some people here have taught English in Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia. One person recently served with the Peace Corps in the Ukraine. Others have raised families and decided to look for a new adventure. I was especially surprised to meet another trainee here that grew up in Maine, another that is also a FSU Seminole, and one who decided to join the Peace Corps after having been pursuing her doctorate in vocal performance for a few years! Many times it's hard being away from friends and family back in the states, but it's so nice to know I have all this wonderful new peace corps family here!




Dressed up for Thai Day



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