My Thai Family

Today marks a week that I have been living with my Thai host family! They are all wonderful people that have been incredibly warm and welcoming to me. I live with Ma, Pa, Ma-Kon (grandma), Pa-Kon (grandpa), Pii-chai (brother) and Pii-saow (sister.) There are many other family members that live in the next house over but I still can't keep everyone straight! The house is a traditional Thai house, with an indoor/outdoor set up. Ma and Pa sleep on the floor as is traditionally done, but I have my own room and a bed! I am lucky because they have 1 flushing toilet (as well as a squat toilet), a washing machine (although I did mine by hand the other day!), and a shower head (but still only cold water.) My grandma has a small store right inside the house, which is nice because people are always coming and going so I have more chance to practice the little Thai that I know! Pa and Ma work in the beautiful fields that are surrounding their home.

With my ma and sister when we first met!

Even though communication has been very difficult, I still feel like part of the family and am learning more and more each day. I'm so thankful for my host sister, who is just a few years older, and patiently practices Thai with me and has helped me figure out the daily routine here. A few nights ago we went to a big Thai festival together which has been one of the highlights of my time here so far. At the festival I was able to feed an elephant, watch Muay Thai boxing, eat an ENTIRE grasshopper and another bug?, and try many other new foods!


Delicious food we eat at home


With my sister in front of a Chang


Yes I are it! And it was pretty aroi (delicious)!





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