2 days and counting!

Sa-wat-dii-ka! I am now 2 days away from beginning my Peace Corps experience in Thailand and ‘hello’ is practically the only word I can remember off the top of my head.. Hopefully more of it will stick once I start training!

So far the information I know is:

  • I will be flying to D.C. Friday morning (January 10) for day long orientation session to the Peace Corps.
  • Saturday morning we fly to Bangkok via Seoul.  We are scheduled to arrive in Bangkok Sunday evening.
  • We will go directly from the airport to Suphanburi (about 100 km north west of Bangkok) where we will be staying in a hotel for the first week.
  • After this first week we will be assigned our host family that we will be staying with for the duration of the 12 week training.

As you would expect, I’m feeling many different emotions right now.  I’m excited to begin this new adventure, saddened to be so far away from my friends and loved ones for so long, but more than anything I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with the Peace Corps and my amazing and supportive friends and family at home! 



2 thoughts on “2 days and counting!

  1. Thank you for sharing this, now I can follow your adventure. you will do great and great things will happen for you and all of the lives you will touch. Take good care. Betty

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